DIY: At Home Chrome Nails


I caught wind of the chrome nails trend on instagram and hopped on that pretty little wagon because, HELLO? CHROME. NAILS. I was intrigued by a few brands but found this Mirano Pigment set local and figured I'd give it a shot! I've listed the tools + instructions below. Have you tried the chrome nail trend? What is your feedback about the longevity of chrome nails vs. regular UV gel nails?

Gelish Foundation Base Coat
OPI Alpine Snow Gel UV Color
Mirano Top Coat Sealer (non-wipe)
Mirano Pigment in "Chroma"
Gelish Top Coat
Le Chat UV lamp - LUMATEX Hybrid

1: Paint on the Gelish base coat
2: Cure for 30 Seconds
3: Paint on Color (OPI Alpine snow) UV gel
4: Cure for 30 seconds
5: Paint second coat of color UV gel
6: Cure for 30 seconds
7: Paint on Mirano Top Sealer
8: Cure for 30 seconds
9: Rub on the Mirano Chroma pigment by pushing the product into the tacky layer on your nail. The silicone brush can be used or an eyeshadow applicator.
10: Paint on the top coat
11: Cure for 60 seconds

BAM - chrome nails all the girls at the office will be jelly for! Let me know what you guys think of the tutorial and thanks for watching!

Gold + Glittered Birthday Smokey Eye ft. Maybelline


Another year, another glammed up birthday look! My birthday was yesterday and while I'm out in FL celebrating with my family, I wanted to share this look with you in case your bday is around the corner and wanted to try something fun. Every year, I like to push my makeup skills a little and try new things. While I'm usually not a smokey eyed kinda girl, I love how this turned out and could see myself doing it more!

I'm excited to have partnered with Maybelline for this look. When I first started using makeup, I could only afford what was in the drugstore and I can honestly say that drugstore makeup has come a LONG way. I think the gold foiled shadow in this palette stands so nicely on it's own and love that the palette is versatile enough to be used not just for smoked out looks. The Big Shot mascara gives my lashes a nice lift and holds them in place with no transfer to my under eye. I think if you're into using falsies, this mascara holds your natural lash to the false lash with no problem.

You'll have to let me know what you think of this look! This post is sponsored by Maybelline but as always, all opinions expressed are my own. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! :)

These are the products I used:

Caudalie Beauty Elixir
Beauty Blender
Maybelline 24k Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
Maybelline Color Chrome - Bronze Sheen
Urban Decay Glitter Liner in Midnight Cowboy
Maybelline Big Shot Mascara
Ardell Whispies False Lashes
Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Santa Fe
Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder
Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed
Becca Shimmering Highlight in Opal
Beautique Lip Liner in Mocha
Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Sao Paolo

Thanks so much for watching!

Click below to watch my tutorial!

Glittered Camo Bag and Sheer Tunic


I'm BACK!!! And so excited to be, too. What's the deal? Where have I been? For starters, I'm a MF MRS (!!!!!!)! We did it. We finally tied the knot and I've been living on a cloud ever since. While I have SO much to say, and so many things I want to share about this crazy year, I want to keep this post as short and sweet as possible. 2016 has been so many things for me and many of which require much more than a style post to express (*winks*). I promise to share more about life soon! No, Mom... I am not pregnant. :D

After reflecting on this year, I want you guys to know that this journey, this blog and this creative space, has been such a whirlwind for me. We have come SO FAR and have done so many cool collabs and editorials. And yet, we are ready for some major (and fun!) changes in this new year and I am so thankful and lucky to have those of you who read this blog along for the journey. Change is good. Uprooted, unpleasant, terrifying change has always been my go-to when things feel like they're in a rut. And leave it to me, the girl who just formed a new identity (#mrslandofries), to crave a little more change. I can honestly say that I'm ready to let go of 2016 and enjoy 2017 like a taco on Taco Tuesday. So, this last style post is just a little swift kick in the pants to get this year moving along! :)

So before I close out, I want to thank you for sticking with me (yet again). Thank you for being kind, for commenting, for asking questions, for sharing my blog posts, and for hitting the little heart button every so often. None if it goes unnoticed and all of it has really pushed me to want to do something a little bigger and better in 2017. I hope that maybe, just maybe, you come here once in awhile to be inspired or to find out what lip color I'm wearing, or even just to kill some time (haha)! I really appreciate you and hope you go into 2017 arms-wailing and kicking ass.

Let's jump into this style post, shall we? I'm excited to collaborate with a great family-friend of mine who decided to take the leap of faith and start her own business, a shoe boutique called The Flawless Pair! From the time the shoes were shipped, until the moment they were in my hands, I was impressed with Yorenny's attention to detail! Can we just take a min and look at these heels? Yorenny is a beautiful soul and it's just icing on the cake that her business motto is to "Empower women one shoe at a time!" I hope you guys will check out her boutique and let me know what you decide to gift yourself for the New Year.

MAJOR hugs to you, bbs! I will see you in 2017!

Heels: The Flawless Pair / Top: Vintage / Tunic: ASOS / Jeans: H&M / Bag: Furla












A San Francisco Mint Bridal Editorial: Part III of III


Well, beauties! Our three part series (did you miss Part I or Part II?) has finally come to an end but I think it's safe to say that we saved the best for last? So, let's jump right into this look!

This look goes out to all of my bad-ass brides. The girls who really DGAF. The ones who roll their eyes at the traditional girls and make it an effort to break all the bridal rules. When I thought of what I wanted to accomplish for this final look, I knew I wanted to put myself into a perspective of a bride who is really SO bored with everything she should do and everything she wants to do. Tell me the last time you've seen a bride walk (slay) down the isle with soaking wet hair, sexy cutouts and a pink choker? Can't say I've seen it before and I will tell you that the amount of confidence I felt to be completely imperfect and bad ass made me love this look WAY more. I dream of my wedding day very often and I will say that I tend to let my perfectionist side get the best of me. The notion that everything has to be perfect, from hair to nails, has become intolerable. Of course, we want to feel beautiful on our wedding day - but why not sexy and cool? In my mind, I felt like this look opened the doors to so many possibilities.

Nikol nailed every bit of this smokey eye. It was a last minute decision to make this eye more smudged than anything and I'm so glad I took her lead on this. When you google "Bridal Makeup" all you find is a pink lip, brown-shaded eye and lashes. And as makeup trends evolve, so should makeup trends for brides, AMIRITE?! She really took the frou frou bridal look and kicked it in the nuts with this one.

Nanette really found moments during this shoot and captured them like her life depended on it. The slight twinkle of the lights in the background as the sun left us took my breath away. This courtyard is the epitome of a photographer's dream - trapping light in all the right places.

I don't know what I'll do with myself now that this series is over. Getting to birth a little baby we'd worked on and talked about for months was something special. I can't stress this enough: find yourself a great set of creatives and hold onto them because they will absolutely feed your soul.

Thanks so much for tuning in. The next time you'll see me... I'll be an actual bride!!! *praising hands emoji*

Photography: Nanette Wong
Photography Assistance: Luis Omar Landestoy
Makeup Artistry: Nikol Elaine
Venue: The San Francisco Mint
Translucent Dream Skirt: Lace & Liberty
Styling: Melissa San Vicente













Photography above: Nanette Wong






Photography above: Luis Omar Landestoy

A San Francisco Mint Bridal Editorial: Part II of III


WOW! What an overwhelming response to our first bridal editorial! You guys seriously make my life every. single. day. Today, I'm excited (again!) that I get to share part II of III from our San Francisco Mint collaboration.

This look is so special and exciting to me because I really gave the styling to this look a lot of thought. And not just finding the right pieces or figuring out what would photograph well, but I really put myself into the moment and wanted to figure out just how to execute this beautiful and jeweled, tulle turban that I made the night before our shoot!

You see, I have always been in love with culture and the meaning and symbolism behind different aspects of fashion in different countries and past times. Turbans have been worn for years and years - for religious reasons, as an alternative head wrap for cancer patients, for sun protection and have also been worn in old hollywood glamor. In some religions, turbans are worn as a sign of honor and respect. So, when I knew we were doing a shoot in The San Francisco Mint, I immediately imagined a Parisian look that felt very old hollywood and knew I wanted to incorporate a beautiful tulle turban, that not only paid a little nod to fashion but also had more meaning behind it.

When we started to prep for the photoshoot, Nanette and I were on a (wo)man hunt to find a ladder to use. We imagined using the ladder for top shots taken at very high distances, where I'd be sprawled out on the floor somewhere and Nanette would take the photos from above. Though, as Nikol was applying my makeup, we sort of both looked over at this huge ladder sitting in front of the window and this look came alive. It was in an instant that the room went quiet and all you could hear was the click of the shutter. We were all taken back to 1935 for a moment and it was as though I was sitting in a Paris window, waiting for the man of my dreams to join me in our wedding photoshoot.

Nikol and I were sold on the makeup for this look. We knew that this pop of orange-red on camera would be a hit. Nikol kept the face and palette very earthy and warm, but brought in the life with this lip color. She smudged the lower lash line for added drama and you know we weren't going to do without the lashes! #YASQUEEN

These photos REALLY tugged at my heart strings. I remember sitting at dinner with Nikol and Luis after our shoot and when Nanette sent us one of these photos, completely unedited, we screamed. This is the sort of stuff I live for. Getting to work with this level of talent behind the scenes and being able to call these people my friends... it really makes all of the late nights and hard work pay off. There are A LOT of photos here and I just didn't want to choose between my favorites, so you're going to have to share with me your favorite shots from this look. One more look to go for this collaboration and I think it's a good one. More soon, babes! xo

Photography: Nanette Wong
Photography Assistance: Luis Omar Landestoy
Makeup Artistry: Nikol Elaine
Venue: The San Francisco Mint
Soho Skirt: Lace & Liberty
Styling: Melissa San Vicente




















Photography above by: Nanette Wong







Photography above by: Luis Landestoy

A San Francisco Mint Bridal Editorial: Part I of III


Finally getting to share this top secret project HAS to be the highlight of my week! With only a few weeks away from tying the knot myself, it's sort of surreal to see myself as a bride in these photos. So when an opportunity arose to work with The San Francisco Mint (the DREAM venue), my dear friends, Nanette Wong (an amazingly talented photographer) and Nikol Elaine (bestie and fab make-up artist), and Lace & Liberty (a local San Francisco bridal separates and accessories company) the answer was an instant, "YES!"

When it comes to weddings, there are so many aspects that peak my interest (and maybe yours too), but something that gets me every time is a bride's personal style. A once-in-a-lifetime moment that one gets to truly stand in the spotlight and tell their story. It was an absolute dream to style three separate bridal looks because it forced me to step outside of my current bridal mindset and channel other styles and for a moment in time, I was almost transformed into a different person. I knew that my first look needed color and getting to twirl in this peach tulle dream definitely satisfied that. Which is why I loved working with Lace & Liberty because it gave me complete freedom to style the pieces with items I already had in my collection. This specific editorial captured a colorful and interesting story for me.

Having Nikol on set was also a no-brainer. Sometimes you find that you click with people creatively and Nikol and I have this way of collaborating that feels breathable and addicting. We talked about the bridal looks as personalities and made moodboards that resonated with each bride's personality - which made execution a breeze! This look incorporated a soft and clean palette with deepened lids and a nude lip.

What really makes The San Francisco Mint incredible is that we shot all of our editorials in the same venue, but had completely different looks just by standing in different rooms. We shot this look in front of a dreamy and back-lit window, with moods and shadows at every angle. And though marriage is about a journey of two individuals, we wanted to really capture the essence of one's personality before entering that journey - in this case, a modern bride's style and moments to herself as she pulls her personality through the photos. Maybe all of us have a few hidden personalities (which is probably why saying YES to the dress can be so difficult) that we simply want to style and let shine on their own. Either way, please enjoy our first editorial together and please follow all of the amazing people that made this project possible.

Venue: The San Francisco Mint
Photography: Nanette Wong
Makeup Artistry: Nikol Elaine
Big Celebration Skirt: Lace & Liberty
Styling: Melissa San Vicente


NYFW SS17 Vlog Part II: Backstage with Tanya Taylor, Chromat and Katie Gallagher

Day 2 of my NYFW trip was so packed and filled with excitement. It was my first time ever attending backstage at a fashion presentation and I'll be forever grateful to Bumble & Bumble for having me.

Being able to see the full looks come together from the makeup to the hair was such an amazing experience. At any given point in time, you can see models moving from makeup to hair, being primped and patted with highlighted, and from one moment to the next they come alive on the runway or platform.

I am fully spoiled now and know not what to do with myself for next year's NYFW. What did you think of all of the behind the scenes coverage? - M

Friends featured:

Alyson of
Lucielle of
Kait of

NYFW SS17 Vlog Part I: Supima, Michael Costello, and The House of Bumble

Another year attending New York Fashion Week and it's still as exciting as my first runway show. This year, I was so blessed to have been invited to cover backstage hair with Bumble & Bumble. Throughout my NYFW vlogs, you'll get to see what goes on backstage and you also get to hang with me as I Uber my way around New York. In this part of my vlog I arrive in New York and head straight to the House of Bumble! I rushed to make it to the Supima design competition and then Michael Costello's SS17 Show next! Stay tuned to find out what happens in my next vlog!

August Vlog: South Lake Tahoe


I've only been a Californian for 2 years now and we finally made it a point to get out to Lake Tahoe. I have to say that California has really opened my eyes to nature and has challenged me to do things outside of my comfort zone. Living in Florida practically all of my life, I'm not used to mountains or scenery. The beaches we have down packed but the heights, not so much. My parents were visiting us from their recent cruise and it was such a fun way to experience this beauty together.

We paddle boarded, paddle boated, did a gondola ride, ate and had such a blast. I really can't wait to go back and bring my entire family next time. Big high five to my cutie, Land, who captured the GoPro footage. Are there any must-see places we need to check out next? Let's us know in the comment section! :)

3 Summer Outfits You Need Right Now Ft Banana Republic

(Click here to watch the video)

It's Summer Time and the outfits are goooood! We've been having a few nice weekends here, with hot days and cooler nights and I just can't get enough. So I've teamed up with Banana Republic (once again cause we're the real dream team I tell you) to show you how to style the hottest trends of the summer. So let's jump right into the top 3 Summer outfits you need rn.

Outfit 1:

I picked up this canvas skirt and the AMOUNT of combos I've been pulling off is unreal. At first glance, I thought this canvas skirt would be a little too preppy or moderate (lol) for my wardrobe, but I amped it up just a bit with a cropped top and bright white blazer. One thing I'm so into right now is statement booties, too. Something about being able to pull off booties in the Summer just does it for me.

Outfit 2:

I finally hopped onto the bell sleeve train but not without adding a sexy split maxi! I love the vertical pin stripes in this skirt because it adds just a few inches to my frame. These fringe sandals from Banana are SO comfortable. For being a few inches tall, I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn't dying at the end of the day!

Outfit 3:

This one might just be my favorite in the bunch! I haven't worn polka dots in a really long time, so it was a nice change to add to my closet. Even though I'm the tallest petite person you'll ever meet, I think this fluted skirt is super flattering on a petite frame and elongates the legs really nicely. I paired this look with a sleeveless turtle neck and cropped jacket. I know you're thinking, "Girl! It's Summer WHY are you wearing a turtle neck!" - WELP... when you live in the SF Bay Area, the Summers here can get pretty chilly in the night time.

I've listed all of the products below. You guys will have to let me know if you've picked up any new items from BR recently. HUGS!

This post was sponsored by Banana Republic. I'm thankful to the brands who allow me to have a voice and style of my own. All of the photos and video were taken and created during my own free time and therefore a lot of love and passion are poured into these type of projects.




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Outfit 1: BR Canvas Skirt (, White cropped top (unknown), Aldo Blue Suede Booties, White linen blazer (, and BR Fine Leather Backpack.

Outfit 2: BR Side Slit Maxi (, H&M Bell Shirt, BR fringe heels (

Outfit 3: BR Skirt (, BR Jacket (, Turtle Neck, Sol Sana Studded heels ([/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]