DIY: At Home Chrome Nails


I caught wind of the chrome nails trend on instagram and hopped on that pretty little wagon because, HELLO? CHROME. NAILS. I was intrigued by a few brands but found this Mirano Pigment set local and figured I’d give it a shot! I’ve listed the tools + instructions below. Have you tried the chrome nail trend? What is your feedback about the longevity of chrome nails vs. regular UV gel nails?

Gelish Foundation Base Coat
OPI Alpine Snow Gel UV Color
Mirano Top Coat Sealer (non-wipe)
Mirano Pigment in “Chroma”
Gelish Top Coat
Le Chat UV lamp – LUMATEX Hybrid

1: Paint on the Gelish base coat
2: Cure for 30 Seconds
3: Paint on Color (OPI Alpine snow) UV gel
4: Cure for 30 seconds
5: Paint second coat of color UV gel
6: Cure for 30 seconds
7: Paint on Mirano Top Sealer
8: Cure for 30 seconds
9: Rub on the Mirano Chroma pigment by pushing the product into the tacky layer on your nail. The silicone brush can be used or an eyeshadow applicator.
10: Paint on the top coat
11: Cure for 60 seconds

BAM – chrome nails all the girls at the office will be jelly for! Let me know what you guys think of the tutorial and thanks for watching!