NYFW Day 1: Outfit Details and How I Prep for Fashion Week


My name is Mel. It’s been 17 days since my last fashion show and I’m having major withdrawals. (in unison) *HI, MEL!* If you followed along on my IG stories or watched my NYFW vlog, you might’ve seen this bright pink getup that I wore to the Tanya Taylor FW17 show. I was introduced to Tanya Taylor through Bumble and bumble and I’ve been following her behind-the-scenes moments ever since. ONE look at her color palette and I’m in awe for days! Which, if you know me, tells you that I must have an alter ego because I have such a tough time wearing color (says the girl who considers a black t-shirt too much color) and admiringly, I love that Tanya’s collection has a way of pairing the most beautiful color combos in unexpected ways.

When I prep for fashion week, a major part of my outfit preparation consists of research. I will pin and recap past shows for days just to get inspiration and then I’ll put together an outfit that gives a little nod to the designer’s aesthetic. I consider this my part as not only a fan of the designer’s work but also as a sign of respect. To me, it’s like going to a concert and knowing all the lyrics.

I start by raiding my own closet of items I already have and layering until it feels right. I’ll use scarves as head wraps, add tights under ripped jeans, and find new ways to use the accessories I already own. I am also a sucker for making old items in my closet new again by reinventing them. I purchased this Zara circle bag a month ago and it had Porky Pig’s face on it. And no shade to Looney Tunes but homeboy HAD to go. I created a floral felt garden (if you will) and covered up the not-so-great part of the bag and now I can’t get enough!

So many people approached me during the Tanya Taylor show and I received so many inquiries about the bags that I might bring them to an online store really soon!!!! I’m working behind-the-scenes on a few things to see how they do in San Francisco, but will keep you posted as soon as they’re ready!

It’s been an on-again-off-again rainy few weeks in California, so I wanted to recap my first outfit with you and show you that I DO, in fact, wear color! 🙂 What do you guys think of my first outfit @ NYFW? Also, I’m curious to know your process for showing respect to other creatives in the industry? Do you comment or share their work? Buy tickets and support their shows? Show up to their fashion presentations wearing every color in the collection? Let me know in the comments! xo