A San Francisco Mint Bridal Editorial: Part II of III


WOW! What an overwhelming response to our first bridal editorial! You guys seriously make my life every. single. day. Today, I’m excited (again!) that I get to share part II of III from our San Francisco Mint collaboration.

This look is so special and exciting to me because I really gave the styling to this look a lot of thought. And not just finding the right pieces or figuring out what would photograph well, but I really put myself into the moment and wanted to figure out just how to execute this beautiful and jeweled, tulle turban that I made the night before our shoot!

You see, I have always been in love with culture and the meaning and symbolism behind different aspects of fashion in different countries and past times. Turbans have been worn for years and years – for religious reasons, as an alternative head wrap for cancer patients, for sun protection and have also been worn in old hollywood glamor. In some religions, turbans are worn as a sign of honor and respect. So, when I knew we were doing a shoot in The San Francisco Mint, I immediately imagined a Parisian look that felt very old hollywood and knew I wanted to incorporate a beautiful tulle turban, that not only paid a little nod to fashion but also had more meaning behind it.

When we started to prep for the photoshoot, Nanette and I were on a (wo)man hunt to find a ladder to use. We imagined using the ladder for top shots taken at very high distances, where I’d be sprawled out on the floor somewhere and Nanette would take the photos from above. Though, as Nikol was applying my makeup, we sort of both looked over at this huge ladder sitting in front of the window and this look came alive. It was in an instant that the room went quiet and all you could hear was the click of the shutter. We were all taken back to 1935 for a moment and it was as though I was sitting in a Paris window, waiting for the man of my dreams to join me in our wedding photoshoot.

Nikol and I were sold on the makeup for this look. We knew that this pop of orange-red on camera would be a hit. Nikol kept the face and palette very earthy and warm, but brought in the life with this lip color. She smudged the lower lash line for added drama and you know we weren’t going to do without the lashes! #YASQUEEN

These photos REALLY tugged at my heart strings. I remember sitting at dinner with Nikol and Luis after our shoot and when Nanette sent us one of these photos, completely unedited, we screamed. This is the sort of stuff I live for. Getting to work with this level of talent behind the scenes and being able to call these people my friends… it really makes all of the late nights and hard work pay off. There are A LOT of photos here and I just didn’t want to choose between my favorites, so you’re going to have to share with me your favorite shots from this look. One more look to go for this collaboration and I think it’s a good one. More soon, babes! xo

Photography: Nanette Wong
Photography Assistance: Luis Omar Landestoy
Makeup Artistry: Nikol Elaine
Venue: The San Francisco Mint
Soho Skirt: Lace & Liberty
Styling: Melissa San Vicente




















Photography above by: Nanette Wong







Photography above by: Luis Landestoy