Why I Can’t Stop Shopping from Banana Republic


Today I’m bringing back a style post to highlight a brand that I feel has really evolved over time. If you’re no stranger to the Gap brands then you know Banana Republic recently upped their spring wardrobe game to include brighter colors, bold prints and beautiful fabrics. As someone who is always cold (always), I very much appreciate their new metallic colored sweaters because hello, cold and also because transitioning into Spring when it’s still 50 degrees out can be quite the challenge.

I recently got a new job and I somehow found myself stumbling out of BR with a full-on wardrobe. I should note that there is nothing worse than buyer’s remorse. I digress, so I pulled a few pieces that gave me all of the #springvibes possible. These vertically striped pants were just that. I feel SO tall in them and they meet the comfort mark over and over again. My favorite piece of them all would have to be this Fringe dot sweater. Comfort aside, I love the playful element of the fringe and think it’s the perfect sort of contrast and combination with the bold vertical stripes. There’s definitely something to be said for new work clothes, you know? When you get a new job or when you’re starting a new class, what’s your take on polishing up your wardrobe beforehand? Also, stay tuned because tomorrow I have one more outfit featuring Banana Republic’s new spring line.












Banana Republic Stripped pants / Fringe dot sweater / Chambray jacket

Banana Republic is one of the many contributors to this website and they provided free product in exchange for this post. All opinions, creativity and material expressed are 100% my own.