Chapter 16

First Aid

King Lamus had gone out, and Lala had only just returned, for she was taking off her furs as I woke.

I had been covered with blankets. She came an took them off, and told me it was time to go and get my things from Greek Street and take them to the new rooms which she had engaged for us that morning. Lou, it seemed, was already there; and had fallen asleep again, said Lala, only a few minutes before she left.
When I woke, the winter sun was already high. It streamed upon my face through the glass skylight of the studio.

The sensation of waking was itself a revelation. For months past I had been neither awake nor asleep ; simply passing from the state of greater to one of less unconsciousness. But this was a definite act.

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The Voice of Virtue

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Out of Harms Way

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The True Will

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